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Course overview

Programme Level

Level 2


24 Months + End Point Assessment

Entry Requirements

Qualifications are not mandatory for this standard, however, apprentices without Level 1 &/or 2 English and maths will need to achieve this prior to taking their end point assessment.

Training type e.g block, release days, or at work address

Day release, with additional online learning and at employer's workplace.


The construction industry is central to creating the homes, schools, hospitals, energy and transport infrastructure society needs.  The broad purpose of the occupation is working with building materials (most often wood) to create and install building components.  This typically involves shaping and cutting materials, installing finished materials like partitions, doors, staircases, window frames, mouldings, timber floor coverings and erecting structural components such as floor joists and roofs. All work needs to be carried out safely, using the appropriate tools and to the quality specified.

This occupation includes two different options and people will work on a construction site as a Site Carpenter.

Site Carpenter

A Site Carpenter will prepare and install basic building components e.g. doors, straight staircases, wall and floor units and erecting structural carpentry and roof structures on a building site or in domestic and commercial premises. A Site Carpenter would generally liaise with other trades such as bricklayers, plasterers and plumbers, supervisors, site management and contractors.

​An employee in this occupation will be responsible for working in a team, under supervision, using machinery and tools to create structures or components from the designs, plans and specifications of architects and designers that meet the clients expectations. 


  • Ability to communicate and interact effectively

  • Ability to think logically

  • Ability to work as a member of a team with limited supervision

  • Adaptability - be able to adjust to changes to work instructions


Typically 24 months plus end point assessment - timescales may vary depending on occupational role and/or prior relevant qualifications / experience. The training is delivered through day release, based at The Halley Academy, Blackheath, with additional learning taking place both online and at the employer’s location.


  • Identify and apply safe working practices in accordance with current legislation, health, safety and welfare regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, company guidance, site specific requirements and taking account of changing circumstances.

  • Identify and apply safe use, storage and maintenance of hand tools, power tools and equipment.

  • Correctly interpret information from drawings and specifications in various types and formats. eg electronic devices, Computer Aided Design (CAD).

  • Estimate resource quantities to carry out work eg quantity of fixings, length of timber

  • Measuring, marking out, fitting, cutting, splicing, mitring, scribing, horizontal and vertical levelling (including laser levelling), finishing, positioning and securing.

Site Carpenter

  • Carry out first fixing work including install timber frames and linings, coverings, flat roof decking, install straight flights of stairs and erect timber stud partitions. Install handrails and spindles to straight flights of stairs.

  • Carry out second fixing work including install service encasement, cladding, wall and floor units and fitments, side hung doors, ironmongery and timber mouldings

  • Carry out timber stud partition work, erect trussed rafter roofs, construct gables, verge and eaves, and install floor joists and coverings.


The Apprenticeship Centre, The Halley Academy, Corelli Rd, London SE3 8EP

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