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Congratulations - You're hired!

I couldn't not share this!

I've just received a call from an employer saying they would like to offer our candidate the job. Nothing unusual there, happens on a daily basis to be honest. The difference is that this particular candidate had struggled with his mental health during lockdown and had lost a lot of his confidence. He had been unsuccessful for the two previous roles we put him forward for but decided to be brutally honest about his struggles in his interview. Now rather than asking to see more candidates, the employer immediately knew that she had people within that particular team that he could buddy up with and help him gain his confidence back. She saw the potential rather than the struggles. I feel so proud of this young man and applaud this employer too!! If you'd like to join LAT Apprenticeships Talent Pool and have multiple opportunities to gain an apprenticeship with a supportive employer, let me know! If you're an employer that would like to find out more about our fantastic candidates, then get in touch too 😊


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