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LAT Apprenticeships Ofsted Report

We are delighted to share with you the first Ofsted report of LAT Apprenticeships. This showcases the excellent work of our wide range of programmes.

We are excited to offer these to all our partner organisations. It is our hope that these opportunities will support both the development of staff and the career aspirations of young people. These are now available for business administrators, property maintenance, IT support and Teaching Assistants. Further details can be found in the link below with some fantastic opportunities to embed training programmes in your school setting.

For more details please contact Stuart Russell (

The Leigh Institute is comprised of:

  • Kent and Medway Maths Hub

  • KMT (Kent and Medway Training)

  • LAT Apprenticeships

  • Thames Gateway TSH

The joining of these four high performing organisations aims to provide high quality professional development opportunities for the benefit of our partners and their communities. Together we recognise that the work of our staff is vital to the success of our schools.

We aim to provide our partner schools with a full suite of opportunities to support teacher development from employment, teacher training and throughout their careers. As well as these pathways we are able to provide high quality training for colleagues working in IT, Business Administration, Premises support and TAs.

The main component strands of our offer can be found in the June edition of the Thames Gateway Bulletin (see following link).


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