Course overview

Programme Level

Level 2


24 Months + End Point Assessment

Entry Requirements

Qualifications are not mandatory for this standard, however, apprentices without Level 1 &/or 2 English and maths will need to achieve this prior to taking their end point assessment.

Training type e.g block, release days, or at work address

Block study, with additional online learning and at employer's workplace.


This occupation involves installing a range of roofing materials and products, at height.  It includes interpreting drawings, measuring and calculating the required amount of materials.  Roofing work can involve anything from repairing a single tile or slate on a domestic property, to re-roofing public buildings such as schools, working on new build housing projects, or installing the roof on large commercial buildings.  Roofers can be on site from a few hours to a few weeks so the work is varied.

The Roofer apprenticeship route has three pathways:​

Option 1

A Roof Slater and Tiler works on a building site, or in domestic or commercial premises, installing slate and tile roof coverings and related products to both new and existing buildings.

Option 2

A Waterproof Membranes Installer works on a building site, or in domestic or commercial premises, installing waterproofing systems and related products, to both new and existing buildings.


Waterproofing roofers apply protective membranes to flat roof structures to ensure they are watertight.

Option 3

A Roof Sheeter and Cladder works on commercial premises, installing metal sheet roof coverings and related products, to both new and existing buildings.  Roof sheeting and cladding operatives make buildings waterproof by covering the roof with sheeting, operatives may also clad walls.


  • Adaptability and willingness to move workplace sites on a regular basis

  • Preference to working outside

  • Ability to work at heights

  • Effective communication


Typically 24 months plus end point assessment - timescales may vary depending on occupational role and/or prior relevant qualifications / experience. The training is delivered through week-long block study every 6-8 weeks, based at The Halley Academy, Blackheath, with additional learning taking place both online and at the employer’s location.


  • Plan and carry out work to commercial standards of quality and speed.

  • Carry out a range of job tasks including measuring, marking out, fitting, finishing, positioning and securing.

  • Move, handle and store resources, complying with relevant legislation and guidance.

  • Select the required materials and resources to carry out the work.

  • Set up, check and operate plant and/or equipment.

  • Install related materials and components to a given specification.

  • Use, maintain and store hand tools, power tools and associated equipment.

  • Access, interpret and use drawings and specifications to carry out work.

  • work safely at height and use access equipment.

Option 1: Roof Slater and Tiler

  • Install tiles & slates, underlay, battens and related roofing components.

  • Install pre-formed lead and/or proprietary flashings, 

  • Install dry and wet fixed products to verges, hips, ridge and valleys, and ventilation products for warm and cold roof construction.

  • Install roof windows and flashing kits.

Option 2: Waterproof Membranes Installer

  • Clean, dry and prepare surfaces for a specified system.

  • Install vapour control layers & mechanically fixed and/or adhered insulation as required by the given specification.

  • Install reinforced bitumen, single-ply and liquid applied waterproofing systems.

  • Terminate waterproofing systems.

  • Maintain and repair flat and/or pitched roofs (in excess of 10 degrees).

Option 3: Roof Sheeter and Cladder 

  • Assess suitability of structure to receive cladding materials.

  • Install built-up, standing seam, secret fix, composite and fibre-cement systems and rainwater goods.

  • Maintain, repair and over-sheet existing roofs.

  • Install flashings, vents, fittings and components as appropriate to the specification.


The Apprenticeship Centre, The Halley Academy, Corelli Rd, London SE3 8EP