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Course overview

Programme Level

Level 3


14 months + EPA

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at Grade C/4 or equivalent, including Mathematics and English. 

Training type e.g block, release days, or at work address

Average 20% across the year with a combinations of work-place assessment and day release


The Business Administration apprenticeship programme assists you in supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation and interact with internal or external customers. You’ll gain an overview of various business functions and most importantly, understand how they engage and depend on each other to be successful.


Business Administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector. The role may involve working independently or as part of a team and will involve developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. Business administrators develop key skills and behaviours to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the role are to support and engage with different parts of the organisation and interact with internal or external customers. With a focus on adding value, the role of business administrator contributes to the efficiency of an organisation, through support of functional areas, working across teams and resolving issues as requested. The flexibility and responsiveness required allows you to develop a wide range of skills.


The business administrator is expected to deliver their responsibilities efficiently and with integrity – showing a positive attitude. The role involves demonstrating strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and adopting a proactive approach to developing skills. The business administrator is also expected to show initiative, managing priorities and own time, problem-solving skills, decision-making and the potential for people management responsibilities through mentoring or coaching others. 


5 GCSEs at Grade C/4 or equivalent, including Mathematics and English. If you do not currently hold these qualifications, you will work to gain them at the same time as studying for the apprenticeship programme with support from the LAT Apprenticeships Team.


Typically 18 months - timescales may vary depending on occupational role and/or prior relevant qualifications/experience and Assessment of Prior Learning and Knowledge (APL/K) opportunities. This will consist of 20% learning which will be a combination of off-site learning at a number of Leigh Academies Trust schools and at your own place of work.


Both at your workplace and at a number of Leigh Academies Trust schools situated in South East London and Kent. 


“I've always wanted to work in a school, and the apprenticeship not only gave me the chance to do so, but it's giving me the training I need to get where I want to be. Anyone debating an apprenticeship role - I would highly recommend! I'm really enjoying the job and I look forward to working each day in a setting I feel comfortable and confident in.


The apprenticeship has improved my confidence in my job role and has helped broaden my understanding of the working world.  I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship because it has given me so many key skills to take with me in my working career.


Since becoming a business administration apprentice my confidence has grown, and I have started to uncover routes that interest me. The support that I have received has been vital to my journey- I have a long way to go, but with my support system I know that I will find the best choice for me. The apprenticeship program is stimulating and I am constantly learning things about LAT and myself as an individual. My assessor and the members of staff where I work have been extremely helpful and welcoming. I would recommend an apprenticeship as it provides further insight into a company. I have researched information that I otherwise would have neglected and been able to adapt the ways that I work.


I have found this course helpful in building my confidence within my job role - I feel a lot more comfortable completing tasks that before, I wouldn’t have known how to do! I definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship, being able to learn and earn is such an advantage and you don’t have the pressure of trying to balance everything.


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