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"Leaders make sure that their programme meets the requirements of apprenticeships. Staff check that all apprentices receive their entitlement to off-the-job training, which helps apprentices to make rapid progress in their studies. Leaders use highly effective, robust systems to ensure that apprentices are recruited with integrity."

Develop your skills with an apprenticeship provider who puts quality at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you are a school leaver ready to kick-start your career, or someone who is already employed and keen to develop your skill-set and broaden your experience... an apprenticeship is an ideal programme which allows you to achieve these goals.  


LAT Apprenticeships offer training and development programmes to help you gain technical and functional knowledge, whilst acquiring on-the-job practical experience. As an apprentice, you will earn a salary as part of your professional training and you will gain a nationally recognised qualification upon completion.


As an apprentice, you will either work on-site at one of our academies or in a locally-based company who partner with LAT Apprenticeships as a full-time employee, receiving fully funded apprenticeship training and the support of a dedicated mentor. You will have the opportunity to regularly visit a school-setting for your training and will work with our highly successful and talented apprenticeship teams.

Teaching Assistant
Team Leader or Supervisor 
Technical Support Technician Engineer
Business Administrator

LAT Apprenticeships is part of The Leigh Institute

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